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This section lists Homebuilt related Clubs and Newsletters. Most of these are related to a specific aircraft or manufacturer.
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Homebuilt Clubs and Newsletters

Aircraft Homebuilders Assosiation of South Africa
AHASA is a growing and diverse organisation of members with a wide range of aviation interests and backgrounds. It was founded as a South African alternative to the American Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA).
The Canard Aviator's Page
For owners and builders of canard aircraft.
The Canard Aviator's Airpark
For enthusiasts of canard aviation.
The Dawn Patrol
Premiere organization building and flying WWI replica aircraft in the Kansas City area.
Experimental Aircraft Association
International organization supporting Homebuilt aircraft as well as all types of Sport Aviation. A "Must Join" for any homebuilder.
Experimental Balloon and Airship Association
The EBAA is a loose congregation of aeronauts who have, are or will build, fly or own any sort of Experimental, Ultralight or Homebuilt Lighter-Than-Air Craft.
Developed as a place for homebuilt aircraft enthusiasts to get together and ask questions, get answers, post pictures, share experiences, and meet like-minded folks. If you're a homebuilder, want to be one, or simply love airplanes and would like to know what homebuilding is all about, become a part of the HomebuiltAirplanes.Com community. And it's free.
Nederlandse Vereniging van Amateur Vliegtuigbouwers
The official site for the Dutch Homebuilt Association. Zelfbouw vliegtuigen in Nederland.
Popular Flying Association
United Kingdom equilalent of the EAA. In addition, the PFA is also the governing body for Homebuilt aircraft in the United Kingdom, as delegated by the CAA.
Popular Rotorcraft Association
Organization for homebuilt rotorcraft, helicopters, autogyros - anything that flies on rotor blades.
Replica Fighters Association
The Replica Fighters Association encourages the efforts of individuals attempting to reproduce flyable, military inspired, homebuilt aircraft.
Rotary Conversion Newsletter
Focuses on information about the realities of flying a rotary engine.
Rotorheads Newsletter
Newsletter for amateur helicopter builders and enthusiasts.
Sport Aviation Association
A grass-roots organization to promote using the talents and freedoms we enjoy to build and restore aircraft of all types, and to fly and enjoy them with those having similar interests.
Ultralight Flyer Online
Online reference for Ultralight aircraft.
Vintage Ultralight & Lightplane Association
Organization preserving information and plans for vintage Ultralights and Lightplanes.
Wings Forum
Wings Forum is online discussion groups for kit and plans built experimental homebuilt aircraft pilots and homebuilders. Many topics moderated by aviation experts.

Manufacturer Specific Clubs and Newsletters

American Hatz Association
Organization that supports and sells plans for the Hatz CB-1 and Kelly-D.
Avid UK Newsletter
Newsletter for builders of Avid aircraft in the UK.
Central States Association
Club for builders and owners of Rutan EZ aircraft types.
Europa Club Online
Independent Club and Newsletter for builders of Europa Aviation Ltd. aircraft.
The Glasair News
The Glasair News is the official support publication for the Glasair series of aircraft, and is approved and sanctioned by Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft Inc.
Home Wing Home Page
Van's Air Force, Home Wing, is the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area RV Builders group. We are builders and flyers of RV homebuilt aircraft by Van's Aircraft, Inc.
The Jodel Club
The Jodel Club is for enthusiasts of the many Jodel designs by Jean Delemontez & Eduard Joly.
The Kitfox Builder
Information and support for Kitfox builders.
KR net
Resources for Builders & Flyers of KR Experimental Aircraft
Lancair Mail List
Mailing list for builders of Lancair aircraft.
Quickie Builders Association
Club for builders and owners of Quickie and Q2 aircraft by the Quickie Aircraft Corp.
The RANS List
This list is for owners, builders, and pilots, (present and future,) of RANS series kit aircraft.
RotorWay Fun
An online community for RotorHeads, vendors and enthusiasts of the fine helicopters by Rotorway, International. This is free to everyone, including vendors.
RV-List Mailing List
Newsletter is for builders of the RV series of aircraft by Van's Aircraft, Inc.
The Unofficial Ultravia Aero Pelican Page
Builder and owner support pages for all the Ultravia Aero Pelican models, as well as specifications, info and pictures for prospective builders.
Van's Air Force - World Wide Wing
Information and links for all of Van's RV series builders, pilots and enthusiasts.
Velocity Views Newsletter
Velocity Views is the Official Factory authorized newsletter and is published quarterly on a calendar year basis for Velocity Builders, Pilots, Dreamers, and Wanabees.
Zenith-List Mailing List
Newsletter is for builders of aircraft by Zenith Aircraft Company.

Aircraft Specific Clubs and Newsletters

Baby Lakes Aircraft Page
Dedicated to owners and builders of the Baby (Great) Lakes.
This site hosts information about the experimental aircraft BD-4 by Jim Bede.
The BD-5 Network/Bulletin
Owner/Builder Newsletter on the BD-5 by Jim Bede.
Bearhawk Builders
Discussion group for builders and potential builders of the Bearhawk and Bearhawk Patrol aircraft designed by Robert Barrows. Plans are available from Robert Barrows and a Bearhawk kit is available from AviPro Aircraft, Ltd.
The Buckeye Pietenpol Association
An international organization dedicated to the promotion, building and flying of airplanes designed by Bernard H. Pietenpol.
CA-2 Flyer
The CA-2 Flyer is newsletter devoted to the CA-2 Ultralight designed by Frank Griffith.
The Celerity Builder
Published bi-monthly by the company, Mirage Aircraft, The Celerity Builder is for builders and enthusiasts of the wood & composite Celerity.
Coot-Builder's Newsletter
For builders and enthusiasts of the Coot Amphibian.
Davis DA2 Yahoo! Group
An on-line discussion group about the low wing, V-tailed Davis DA2, designed by Leon Davis.
Delta Builders Network
An on-line newsletter, the "Delta Builders Newsletter" is about the Dyke Delta designed by John Dyke. Published by Jim Maher.
Dragonfly Builders and Flyers Newsletter
Owner/Builder Newsletter on the Dragonfly by Viking Aircraft.
Duster Web
Providing an information forum and promoting the BJ-1B Duster sailplane designed by Hank Thor and kitted by DSK.
Flitzer-Builders Group
This Yahoo Group has been established for builders of Lynn Williams' Flitzer series of homebuilt biplanes to share information.
GEZUB - Group of European Zodiac Users and Builders
GEZUB was set up to enable like minded Zenair Zodiac CH601 HD/HDS Users to exchange ideas and experiences about their aircraft.
Michigan Skyranger Organization
A club for builders and flyers of the Skyranger.
PL-9 Stork Builders
A Yahoo! discussion group for Pazmany PL-9 Stork Plansbuilders.
Pulsar Builder's Mailing List
An email list for builders of the Pulsar by Aero Designs.
Questair Venture Association Type Club
The Venture Association is the Type Club for the Questair Venture kit airplane. A database status record is maintained for all 85 produced.
Rebel Publishers Newsletter
A Newsletter for all Murphy Rebels (Rebel, Elite, and Super Rebel.)
The Star Lite Home Page
The homepage of the Star Lite Club, the single seat predecessor to the Pulsar.
The SX-300 Group
The SX300 Group was formed to share ideas, help each other in the building process, create standardized operational procedures, promote safety and hopefully preserve this excellent aircraft.
For T-18 and S-18 builders, owners, pilots and enthusiasts. This site is dedicated to anyone with an interest in Thorp T-18 and/or Sunderland S-18 experimental aircraft.
Volmer VJ-22 Newsletter
Looking for anyone interested in the Volmer VJ-22 Amphibian to start a newsletter.

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