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The Homebuilt Homepage offers diguised email addresses. A disguised email address has "HH" in front of the userid. In order to email a disguised email address, click on the link, then remove the "HH" from the front before sending it.

The purpose of this is to defeat spammer's email spiders. An email spider is an automated programs that scans web pages for email address in order to add them to junk email lists, a.k.a. spam. The addition of the additional characters defeats the program by creating an invalid email address.

If you are already listed in the Homebuilder's Directory and wish your email address to be changed to a Disguised email address, go to the Homebuilders Directory Update Form and request it. (If nothing else needs to be updated you only need to choose the Aircraft Company, fill in your email address and choose "Add" under the Disguise Email.

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