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Less Expensive Flying For A Recreational Pilot

By Joe Fisher

An unusual book for people to learn about flying small simple airplanes. This book goes into details about operating and owning small tail wheel airplanes. It is of particular interest to those just learning to fly and those already licensed pilots whose only experience is in expensive modern airplanes.

The 80 pages of this book are filled with illustrations and how to information. (Sort of an airplane book "for dummies.") It is based on my experience and observations with Cubs, Tcrafts, TriPacers, Aeroncas, Luscombes and homebuilts.

I've been an A&P since 1973, rebuilding these small fabric covered airplanes. I've also helped to finish homebuilts as well as built my own. I am also a CFI instructing in my Piper J-3 Cub and Piper Colt. I also have also taught in Tcrafts, Luscombes, Aeroncas and some homebuilts.

Less Expensive Flying For A Recreational Pilot
$5.00, post paid in the U.S.
Email for

Joe Fisher
9295 Hwy 47
Galesburg, KS 6674O

Email: joe@ckt.net

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