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This section lists vendors of avionics as well as electronics builders and pilots may be interested in.

II Morrow, Inc.
Whatever you fly, II Morrow has an Advanced Navigation & Communication Solution to meet your needs.

Distributors of MIL. Spec/ Aircraft Rated plus Marine Rated electrical connectors and related products to Aircraft and Kit manufacturers as well as individual homebuilders. Specializing in homebuilder's small quantity orders for a fair price.

Accent Panels And Accessories
Custom made panels for homebuilt aircraft, produced with a CNC milling machine.

Ace's Pilot Shop
Aircraft accessories , aviation artwork, avionics, A & P training, books, charts & maps, checklists, children's items, clothing, flight bags/cases, flight computers, flight simulators, flight training aids, flight training kits, flashlights, GPS, headsets, handheld radios, intercoms, kneeboards, logbooks, navigation plotters, pilot gifts, tools, software, videos, and watches.

Acousticom headsets make a difference, and that difference makes us better!

Acqutek offers high-quality affordable data acquisition, control, and communication products for industrial and commercial purposes.

Acro Engines & Airframes
Acro Engines & Airframes Ltd are proud to have been Westach Distributors in the UK for over 20 years. We carry large stocks in the UK of these fine instruments and sell at discounted prices, which include mail costs.

Aerocenter Aircraft Supply & Avionics
Full-line supplier of avionics, specializing in homebuilt panel custom fabrication.

Aero Enhancements
Offering Ultravision glare shield lighting and Ultravision panel lighting. Unlike post lights and conventional bulb systems which produce a hot spot of focus intensity is consistent, even and non-glare. Also producing custom instrument panels and cabinets in exotic real wood, carbon fiber, thermoplastic, and more.

Aerodynamics LLC
We build experimental aircraft and avionics panels. We specialize in building Lancair aircraft, but have experience with others. We build avionics panels for any experimental aircraft.

Aerotronics delivers "one-stop" avionics sales and service guided by our desire to listen to customers, remain competitive and provide options. We design, engineering, manufacturing and repair of instrumentation panels for experimental and certified sport planes. By combining custom solutions using leading avionics packages with unique fabrication and installation processes, Aerotronics has been recognized by aviation professionals and enthusiasts for our leading edge expertise.

Aircraft Extras, Inc.
Great products for home builders: Low Fuel Warning, Electroluminescent Panel Lighting, F1 Rocket parts, the "Meske" Tip-Up / Slider canopy mod, & many other RV products too!

AirSport Corporation
AirSport Corporation is the only manufacturer of Altitude Alerters that work by listening to everything your transponder and encoder are reporting to ATC, both Mode A (squawk code) and Mode C (altitude). This gives you a double benefit! Our instruments are completely portable and do not require permanent installation into your airplane.

Air Source One
Air Source One is the largest professional pilot supply center in North Texas. Servicing the needs of the student, corporate, military and airline pilots alike. Air Source One is intensely focused on providing our clientele the very finest and most current pilot supplies, accessories, hand held radios and GPS receivers on the market.

Alcor Aviation, Inc.
EGT/CHT Instruments & Probes, Combustion Analyzers, Multi-Channel Combustion Analyzers, Upgrade Kits, TCP Fuel Treatment and Vernier Controls.

Apexx Software LLC
We put the world in your palm. Palm computer based aviation software such as the Flight Buddy GPS Navigation software.

Approach Systems, Inc.
Approach Systems manufactures a Plug and Play wiring solution for installing avionics. Allowing full IFR installations to be accomplished in 2 or 3 hours. From ultralights to light twins they can help. Contact Approach with any avionics question, they can facilitate nearly any installation.

Attaway Air
Avionics, Quik Stand, and Stainless steel wheel pant brackets for RV series aircraft.

Audio Flight Avionics
Engine monitor with user programable limit alarms.

The Avid Aviator Pilot Supplies Shop
Avid Aviator Pilot Supplies offers aviation software, flight simulators and hardware, desktop, notebook computers, exam prep software, pilot supplies, headsets, hand-held radios, GPS, flight apparel, ect.

Avionics Place
Midwestern pilots and aircraft operators in need of avionics sales, service, and installations need to look no further than the Avionics Place. The Avionics Place is a FAA Repair Station that has been located on the Greater Rockford Airport, in Rockford, IL, since 1981. The Avionics Place is truly a full service avionics shop.

Avionics Systems Associates
Specializing in Commercial Airline Inflight Entertainment Hardware and Consulting since 1985, such as IFE Headphones, Avionics Data Bus Testing, InfraRed Comm, IFE PowerSupplies.

AvMart Pilot Supplies
Headsets, intercoms, GPS & radios, pilot supplies, training, books, charts & guides, software, videos, gifts & novelties, apparel, and aviation art.

Batteries America
Your source for aviation, commercial and land mobile batteries.

Becker Avionics, Inc.
Audio systems, radio management systems, VHF transceivers, VOR/ILS navigation radios, transponders, ADF equipment, moving map systems, voltage regulators, avionics packages, ATC products, search and rescue products, and cabin entertainment.

Blue Mountain Avionics
Manufactures EFIS and autopilots for homebuilt aircraft. Blue Mountain Avionics allows homebuilders to have a state of the art glass cockpit in their homebuilt.

Chief Aircraft
Chief Aircraft has aircraft parts, avionics, instruments, pilot supplies & Aviation Art.

Offering the AvMap EKP product line consists of kneeboard style moving map GPS systems designed to provide the pilot with situational awareness and flight data in an easy to read display. C-MAP Aviation also produces data cartridges for other brands of GPS navigation systems.

CO Guardian
Producing panel mount and portable lighter socket model carbon-monoxide detectors with audible alarm and digital level indicator.

Composite Design
Composite Design has a well established line of power & control systems for experimental aviation, including the DigiFly FMS, avionics panels and more. We have manufactured these products since 1992 and are the largest source of these products in the world.

Comquest Avionics, Inc.
Producing the PAL2000, an electronic voice activation and response system. Designed to assist pilots when performing checklist procedures, E6B calculations, aircraft V speeds and voice interface with other avionics, (in the future.)

DRE Communications
Mono, stereo and ANR headsets as well as 2 to 8 place intercom systems,

Dynon Development
The EFIS-D10 provides a solid-state, no moving parts, solution for ten of the most important ten instruments you need. Dynon's pitot probe contains a custom, built-in heater to assure safe operation even in icing conditions.

Eastern Avionics International
Services and Installs all types of avionics, over 2,000 models, including glass cockpits. Committed to providing you with the very best in products, services, and installations. We offer great choices for pilots on the tightest budgets. KWIKMOUNT is our exclusive system of wiring, testing, and calibration that speeds your equipment installation, saving you substantial time and money. KWIKMOUNT Panel Systems are our complete panel solutions for virtually every need, from Lancairs to RV-6s and beyond, including Warbirds and even MiG-15s! We offer avionics solutions specifically for the Experimental Aircraft owner's needs, including units that are designed specifically for the kit market.

Electronic Technologies
Custom built panels for your homebuilt. Dealer of almost every brand name of avionics.

EM Aviation
Solid State Angle of Attack indicator that automatically corrects for up to six different flap positions. The RiteAngle ® is self contained using 8 AA batteries or the aircraft electrical system. Small vane now available using precision potentiometer. LED readout, flying on Ultralights to the new Velocity XL.

Flight Data Systems
The AFP-30 Air-Data Fuel Performance Computer gives Air Data, Engine Performance, Fuel Flow, and more in a single instrument. The features and functions that are common on large airliners are availble for homebuilt aircraft.

Great Atlantic Aeroplane Company Inc.
Provides pilot supplies, avionics, paints and primers, composites, chemicals and lubricants, fabric covering, control cables and tie rod products, raw materials, hardware, airframe items, engine and fuel systems, hoses and tubing, tools, electrical items, pilot and hanger items, books, videos, and aviation art.

Gulf Coast Avionics Corp.
Gulf Coast is a vendor of all types of Avionics. They also build custom panels for homebuilt aircraft.

Hart Aviation Corp.
Offers hand-held radios, Intercoms, GPS, pilot supplies, flight bags headsets, NOS charts, aviation software, books and aircraft supplies.

Headsets Inc.
Active Noise Reduction systems for your headset at a fraction of the cost of a new headset! ANR modules available for most aviation headsets, helmets and industrial hearing protectors.

Horizon Instruments, Inc.
Offer digital engine instruments with digital and graphic displays.

Icarus Instruments, Inc.
Producing the SatTalk II Sateline phone with internet access, the microEFIS solid state backup attitude reference AHRS, NavAlert II GPS display and alert that requires no dedicated panel space, and the AltAlert 3070 audio and visual altitude alerting system.

I-K Technologies
I-K Technologies' IK2000 and AIM aircraft information monitors display multiple parameters - both graphically and numerically - in compact, lightweight, low-cost displays. Single or dual-module systems simultaneously monitor 4 or 6 CHTs and EGTs, RPM, MP, oil & fuel pressure, oil temperature, fuel flow and more.

J-Air, Inc.
J-Air sells new and overhauled instruments for ultralights, homebuilts, and general aviation. They also repair instruments, built panels or refurbish old ones, and repair shop equipment.

J.P. Instruments
JPI offers the Nav-2000 GPS Moving Map, multifunction engine monitors for single or twin engine aircraft, slimline multifunction engine monitors, fuel flow instruments, and more.

Kelly Manufacturing Company
The manufacturers of R.C. Allen Instruments including Gyros, Turn and Bank, Indicators, Battery Temperature and Voltage Indicators, Turn Coordinators, Tachometers, Voltammeters, Voltmeters, Ammeters and Gauges.

KS Avionics Inc.
Since 1967 we have shipped over 8,000 CHT/EGT's, plus thousands of other products. All our manufacturing is under FAA PMA approval. We're happy to work with you to provide just the right system for your aircraft or application.

Lamar Technologies Corporation
Lamar quality products are well known in the general aviation industry and are installed on over forty percent of existing single and twin engine piston aircraft. Providing standard products such as voltage regulators and monitors as well asĘ the new lightweight starter and Master Control Unit, Lamar is combining innovative thinking with Precision Quality.

L.C. Flight Products
Avionics, pilot supplies, and so much more. Free catalog.

Lift Reserve Indicator Company
The Lift Reserve Indicator is an angle of attack system for general aviation aircraft in use for over 19 years. The LRI is a pressure differential system which continuously and instantaneously displays an aircraft's margin over stall for weight and conditions providing windshear dection and recovery.

Lite Air Enterprises
Providing direct access to high quality equipment for use in aviation. Formerly W.K. Skulsky, Lite Air Enterprises primarily offers instruments, intercoms, headsets, helmets, and safety restraints for light aircraft.

Matronics offers the FuelScan LT and DX, a Complete Fuel Managment System For Aircraft, and the Governor Mk III, a Speed Reduction and Switch Multiplexer for the MAC Trim Series of Aircraft Servos.

MightyGPS.Com delivers GPS navigation solutions and maps at prices below the manufacturer's suggested retail pricing.

Miller Aviation, Inc.
FBO in the Northeastern US with aircraft maintenance facilities, propeller, governor and avionics shops.

Mingda Aircraft Instruments
Mingda has specialized in aircraft instruments for several years. With the reliability, preciseness in mechanism and competitive price, our products have sold well and enjoyed a high prestige from their users. We have been selling them to European and South African markets for many years.

Monroy Aerospace Corporation
Low cost collision avoidance, the Monroy ATD-200. The Monroy ATD-200 provides that continuous traffic awareness in a compact size and at an affordable cost for general aviation.

Myles Recreational Accessories
Bags, Organizers, Books, Videos, Camping gear, Clips, Clamps and IFR Eye Wear, Computers, Plotters, Log Forms, Pitot tube covers, Laser pointers, ELT's, Encoders, Portable Oxygen, Embroidered Clothing, Emergency / First Aid gear, Parachutes, Power Sails, Signs, Flight Planning Software, Freeze Dried Foods, Binoculars, Telescopes, Apparel, Hammocks, Camping Pads, Air Beds, Fold Up Hand Trucks, Hardware, Seat Covers, Cushions, Jumper Cables, Battery Chargers, Kites, Windsocks, Flags, Banners, Kneeboards, Tripboards, Fuel Testers, Portable Tables, Cots, Portable Chairs, Lights and Watches, Portable Transportation and much more.

Moving map software for your PDA. Navgps can even control your autopilot.

Nulite Instrument Lighting Systems
NULITEs are a revolutionary lighting system for aircraft instruments. They give the same lighting appearance as internal lighting kits at a fraction of the cost. NULITEs have a special bezel that focus light toward the instrument, preventing light from reflecting into the pilotŐs eyes. When sandwiched between the instrument and panel, NULITEs reduce glare and "hotspots" by concentrating 60% of the light on the upper half of the instrument.

O'Neill Airplane Company
Makers of the Bacon Saver Angle Of Attack indicator. Perfect for small aircraft and ultralights. Qualifies under FAR Part 43.3 as a minor alteration and thus only requires a log entry by an A & P on certified aircraft.

Powersport Aviation, Inc.
Produces the PS-215 Mazda rotary based engine, the PSRU-300 reduction drive for Mazda rotary conversions, and computer based Multi-Function Displays.

PS Engineering
Advanced audio control panels, in flight music systems, intercoms and audio components.

Rocky Mountain Instrument
Manufacturer of the microENCODER and microMONITOR computer-based electronic instrumentation. 15 years experience offering high quality aircraft instruments in both kit and manufactured form.

Sandia Aerospace
Whether monitoring your aircraft fuel, keeping your avionics running cool or providing highly accurate altitude information to your transponder and GPS systems, Sandia aerospace products ensure that you get the most out of your aircraft systems.

Active noise cancelling and passive noise reduction headsets for pilots and passengers, as well as helmet conversion kits.

SIRS Product Services
SIRS Product Services proudly brings you the worlds finest compasses, manufactured by SIRS Navigation Ltd., Kent, England.

SkyGeek.com, Styles Logistics, Inc.
Aviation supplies: Tires, Oil, Filters, Batteries, Avionics, Headsets & More. Our parts fly, but our prices are grounded.

S-TEC / Meggitt Avionics
A wide variety of avionics for all types of aircraft. We have an innovative and popular S-TEC/Meggitt program designed specially for kit builders.

SureCheck Aviation, Inc.
SureCheck manufactures TPAS, the only truly portable collision avoidance device. Low cost for general aviation, this device displays range information of the closest threat along with visual and voice alerts. SureCheck also manufactures a complete line of checklists for nearly every aircraft. We have checklists for simulators, Cessna, Piper, and much more!

TNC Electronics
TNC Electronics offers digital optical tachometers for homebuilts to check mechanical tachs for accuracy.

The Ultralight Place
The place for ultralights. Based in Illinois, we are a Rotax Repair Station, and offer many products and services for ultralights, powered parachutes and homebuilts. We offer ultralight flight training, parts, avionics, engine accessories, propellers, custom modifications, trailers, and more.

United Medical & Aircraft Instruments
UMA has been manufacturing quality, U.S. made, aircraft and medical instruments for over 25 years. We make traditional and custom designed flight and engine instruments.

Varga Enterprises
Varga carries many Aircraft parts, Tires, Pilot supplies, Aeroquip hoses and fittings for many different aircraft including Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft and even homebuilt airplanes.

Westberg Mfg. Inc.
Westach designs and builds quality instruments for monitoring of speed, temperature, and pressure parameters. We measure our success by meeting the needs of our customers through the continuous improvement of our processes and products.

Wentworth Aircraft, Inc.
The United States' largest provider of used Lycoming and Continental engines, as well as avionics, instruments, and more.

Zeftronics designs and manufactures the best Voltage Regulators, Alternator and Generator Controllers, Over-Voltage and Parallel Relays and other general aviation (GA) aircraft products. Many of these products are FAA-PMA approved.

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