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Parachutes And Emergency Equipment

This section is for dealers of parachutes, ballistic recovery systems, rafts, and other emergency equipment.

Ballistic Recovery Systems, Inc.
BRS manufactures emergency ballistic parachutes for recovering recreational aircraft, including hang gliders, ultralights, homebuilts, and certain certified general aviation aircraft.

Peter Doktor
North American Distributor for slim backpack emergency parachutes, just the thing when you have limited cockpit space.

Myles Recreational Accessories
Bags, Organizers, Books, Videos, Camping gear, Clips, Clamps and IFR Eye Wear, Computers, Plotters, Log Forms, Pitot tube covers, Laser pointers, ELT's, Encoders, Portable Oxygen, Embroidered Clothing, Emergency / First Aid gear, Parachutes, Power Sails, Signs, Flight Planning Software, Freeze Dried Foods, Binoculars, Telescopes, Apparel, Hammocks, Camping Pads, Air Beds, Fold Up Hand Trucks, Hardware, Seat Covers, Cushions, Jumper Cables, Battery Chargers, Kites, Windsocks, Flags, Banners, Kneeboards, Tripboards, Fuel Testers, Portable Tables, Cots, Portable Chairs, Lights and Watches, Portable Transportation and much more.

National Parachute
Professionals choose a parachute demanding comfort and reliability. They also require top quality, light weight and low bulk. It is easy to understand why they fly with National, the parachute of choice!

Quicksilver Ultralight Flight Center
Quicksilver Ultralight Flight Center located in Northern California. They offer training in a MXLII Sport w/582 and an authorized dealer for Quicksilver, BRS, and Full Lotus Floats.

Safecraft Inc.
Mannfacturer and distributor of fire extinguishers and extinguishing systems for light aircraft.

Silver Parachute Sales & Service
Silver Parachute Sales & Service, a parachute loft, in the San Francisco Bay Area, is the largest dealer of the SOFTIE line of pilot emergency parachutes by Para-Phernalia, Inc.

Sporting Lives, Inc.
Maker of Sospenders, high performance inflatable life jackets.

Sport Flight Aviation L.L.C.
GRS ballistic parachutes, Talon aircraft, Sport Brakes, SportSails, Sport Flight Suits, Sport Wheels, & Sport Props.

Strong Enterprises
We have been a leader in parachute design and development since 1961. We manufacture skydiving equipment, tandem parachutes, aerial delivery systems, emergency safety chutes for pilots, and military parachutes.

Winslow LifeRaft Company
Whether your needs are aviation or marine, Winslow LifeRaft Company builds a superior life raft to fulfill your requirements. The name, "Winslow," has been synonymous with high quality life rafts for over fifty years. Founded in 1941 as the New York Rubber Company, it constructed life rafts for the Allied Forces during WW II.

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