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This section lists suppliers of parts and building materials.

Distributors of MIL. Spec/ Aircraft Rated plus Marine Rated electrical connectors and related products to Aircraft and Kit manufacturers as well as individual homebuilders. Specializing in homebuilder's small quantity orders for a fair price.

A&E Aircraft Services
Aircraft covering materials, aircraft aluminum extrusions, wing kits and parts, complete aircraft kits and fuselage kits.

Accent Panels And Accessories
Custom made panels for homebuilt aircraft, produced with a CNC milling machine.

Metal bellow expansion joints for ducting and exhaust systems. Custom work available.

AeroCad Inc.
Speed up your Long-EZE, Cozy or SQ2000 project with our parts and assemblies. Outstanding quality from a company with years of canard experience.

Aerocenter Aircraft Supply & Avionics
Full-line supplier of parts, Poly-Fiber covering supplies, composite finishing materials.

Aerocomp, Inc.
Superfloat composite floats and amphibious floats.

Aero Enhancements
Offering Ultravision glare shield lighting and Ultravision panel lighting. Unlike post lights and conventional bulb systems which produce a hot spot of focus intensity is consistent, even and non-glare. Also producing custom instrument panels and cabinets in exotic real wood, carbon fiber, thermoplastic, and more.

Aircraft spares and pilot supplies for sports and experimental aircraft. Australian based - Worldwide shipping.

AeroParts & Supply, Inc.
World wide distribution of Aircraft Parts. Specializing in Aircraft tires, batteries, starters, alternators, magnetos, strobe lights and other electrical products.

Aeroparts USA, Inc.
Stainless steel screws, Rapco vacuum pumps, Condor tires, NDM oil coolers.

Aero Visions International, Inc.
XeVision High Intensity Discharge - H.I.D or HID Xenon (Xe) lamps - also known as Xenon HID - are the ultimate solution for your landing and taxi light requirements.

Aircraft Extras, Inc.
Great products for home builders: Low Fuel Warning, Electroluminescent Panel Lighting, F1 Rocket parts, the "Meske" Tip-Up / Slider canopy mod, & many other RV products too!

Aircraft Remanufacturing Corp.
Specialists in aircraft soundproofing products, but have developed superb aviation metal working skills, especially in curved forms for aircraft cowlings and such.

Aircraft Suppliers Company
Aviation parts, paint and pilot supplies sales, since 1945. Purchase and research aircraft parts, airplane paint, hardware and pilot accessories for all your aviation needs from the best online aircraft marketplace for aircraft homebuilders.

Airframes Unlimited
Two seater powered parachute airframes ready for engine and canopy.

Airparts, Inc.
Providing aircraft homebuilding aluminum, chromolly, tools, and other aircraft construction supplies and tools for 29 years. Both walk-in and mail order. Most of our catalog is online.

AirSpeed Aviation, Inc.
Producer of the "Bad Stab" replacement stabilizer for the RAF-2000.

Air Trikes
Vassili Tarakanov ultralight parts, trikes and equipment.

Airwolf Filter Corp.
World's largest manufacturer of remote mounted oil filter systems. Also offers oil hoses, oil filter cutters & aerial spraying systems.

Alpha Aviation Supply Co.
Alpha Aviation Supply Co. provides parts and materials for the sport and general aviation customer. We supply most every thing needed to build a homebuilt airplane. Alpha is now celebrating its 25th year in the aircraft parts and materials supply business.

American Cooler Service, Inc.
Repair and manufacture of oil coolers for certified and homebuilt aircraft.

Andair Ltd.
Produces a range of high quality fuel products for the homebuilder of experimental aircraft: Safety fuel selector, Manifold blocks, Gascolator & Fuel Filter.

Applied Vehicle Technology
Advanced Composite Supplies. Reinforcements, Epoxies, Polyester Resin Products, Core Materials, Vacuum Bagging Supplies & General Supplies.

A.S.A.P. (Aircraft Sales And Parts)
Manufactures replacement parts for Chinook and Beaver RX550, included models sold by other companies.

Attaway Air
Avionics, Quik Stand, and Stainless steel wheel pant brackets for RV series aircraft.

Avionics For Homebuilts
We are an Avionics service company focusing on homebuilt/experimental aircraft. Services provided include system design and installation, as well as custom built wiring harnesses you can install yourself. We carry several brand names to include Garmin, Goodrich, S-Tec, P.S. Engineering and more.

Gary Barber
Buyer and seller of Aircraft Engines and Parts for experimental, homebuilt, and Airboats.

Barrett/Garrett Enterprises, Inc.
Carbinge graphite piano hinges available to replace metal hinges for composite aircraft.

B/E Aerospace IceShield De-Icers
Pneumatic de-ice systems for props, wings, wireharnesses, and accessories.

Broken Wings, Inc.
We sell, buy & trade, used aircraft engines, aircraft parts, and aircraft salvage. Engines and Parts come with Warranties to ensure complete Customer Satisfaction. We are your provider of quality used Textron Lycoming & Teledyne Continental aircraft engines.

Bush Pilot
Parts for sale, parts wanted, aircraft for sale by owners, and other things for the bush pilot.

Canard Specialty
Pre fab parts for any type of canard airplanes.

Carbon Fiber Manufacturing
We are a company that makes custom and production runs of advanced composite structures. We at Carbon Fiber Manufacturing have an extensive knowledge of composite structures which including graphite, fiberglass and other aramid materials.

Chassis Shop Performance Products
The Chassis Shop is a leading manufacturer and distributor of performance components, chassis building supplies and raw materials. We are your source for low prices and a large in-stock selection of 4130N Chromoly tubing.

Chief Aircraft
Chief Aircraft has aircraft parts, avionics, instruments, pilot supplies & Aviation Art.

Corrosion Technologies Corporation
The makers of CorrosionX. Stop rust or corrosion in its tracks with products from Corrosion Technologies. Advanced technology and formulas create products with nearly unlimited applications. Home, aviation, industrial and marine uses abound. Ordering your "Best Line of Defense" is simple. And our customers (from backyard mechanics to Fortune 500 companies) tell us every day why it's the best solution.

Cummins Spinners Pty Ltd
Cummins Spinners make Aluminium Spinners for non-certified aircraft with customised cutouts to suit your propeller from 4" to 13".

Custom Composites
Specializes in products to upgrade your canard aircraft. Manufactures and sells several items for the Long-EZ, Cozy, Vari-eze, and E-Racer.

Demel Aircraft Corp.
supplier of certified AN, MS Hardware 4130 tubing & sheet, Poly Fiber covering materials, GLII plywood, Sitka spruce, pilot supplies.

Desser Tire & Rubber Co.
A factory authorized distributor of Goodyear, Michelin, Condor and McCreary aircraft tires, and Teledyne-Gill aircraft batteries. Over 150 sizes and plies of aircraft tires.

Drake Air Inc.
Drake Air Inc is an FAA/JAA approved repair station for heat transfer, hydraulic and pneumatic system fluid components. We service, manufacture and distribute oil coolers, fuel heaters, heat exchangers, precoolers, condensers,evaporators, inner coolers, oil filters, fuel filters, valves, pressure switches, actuators, landing skids, exhaust components, pneumatic ducting, air-conditioning compressors, alternator drive couplings, oil pumps, radiators and related components.

Dynamic Wing Company
Solid core pressure molded wings are our main product. Extensive R&D efforts have provided us with a unique wing that is totally seam-less with the spars, skins, control wells and even winglets co-cured. Parts and quick-build options are available for Velocity, One Design, etc.

Eagle Fuel Cells
Fuel Cells have an 80% less chance of fire in accident than rigid tanks or wet wings. With over 40 years in the fuel cell business, Eagle can help you with fuel cells, drains and repairs.

EPM.AV Corporation
Producing flame resistant stainless steel firewall penetration systems for heater selector box and wire/cable bundles, Electric Lug Crimping Tool, and more.

Full Lotus Manufacturing, Inc.
Develops and manufactures inflatable floats for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

Global Aerospace Coatings
With over 42 years combined experience the Global team are the aerospace coatings experts you rely on. Specializing in Color matching and technical support.

Great Atlantic Aeroplane Company Inc.
Provides pilot supplies, avionics, paints and primers, composites, chemicals and lubricants, fabric covering, control cables and tie rod products, raw materials, hardware, airframe items, engine and fuel systems, hoses and tubing, tools, electrical items, pilot and hanger items, books, videos, and aviation art.

Grove Aircraft Company
Manufacturer of Spring Aluminum Landing Gear and composite aircraft parts.

HammerHead Aviation
Designs and manufactures spring aluminum landing gear systems for certified and experimental aircraft companies. We also do custom landing gear designs and have rather expansive composite capabilities.

Henderson Aero Specialties, Inc.
Props, Tachometers and other parts for J3 Cubs and replicas.

Hal Hunt Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes
Low Drag Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes for Long-EZ, Vari-Eze, E-Racer, Cozy, Berkut & Velocity.

Harmon Rocket LLC
Producer of the Harmon Rocket high performance modification kits for the RV-4.

Hi-Tech Foams
Confor Foam has been recognized as the best seat cushion foam available for comfort and impact safety since the Apollo Space Program. We also carry foams that are specially designed to not only attack airborne noise but simultaineously deal with structureborne noise as well. We have recommended general seat drawings for the Eze, Glasair, Glass Goose, KIS, KitFox, Lancair, Pulsar, RV-6, RV-8, RV-9, Wheeler, and the Zenair.

Hooker Harness
Custom made harnesses and seatbelts tailor made to fit individual needs. FAA and SFI certified and approved quality control systems. The most respected producer of Aerobatic seatbelts and shoulder harnesses in the aviation industry

Infinity Aerospace
Manufacturer of Retractable Main Landing Gear for canard aircraft and multi-function Fighter style Stick Grip.

James Aircraft Inc.
We don't build the airplane; we make it faster. James Aircraft Inc. is the manufacturer of the "Holy Cowl" for the RV series and Mustang II. We also wholesale various parts for kit plane manufacturers such as: Team Rocket, Mustang Aeronautics Inc., Rihn Aircraft Corp., Powersport Aviation Inc., Jim Kimball Enterprises, & Steen Aero Lab. Other speed mods for experimental aircraft include wheelpants, wing fairings, plenums and induction systems.

Kelly Aerospace, Inc.
Kelly Aerospace manufactures and overhauls electrical components, fuel system components, turbocharging system components, cabin heaters and turbine aircraft components which are installed by OEM’s, supported in the aftermarket through an extensive worldwide distribution network, and backed by an industry leading “No-Hassle” warranty.

Kennon Aircraft Covers
Manufactures protective covers, sun shields, and heat screens for general aviation, business aviation and military aviation air planes and helicopters. Shop securely online.

Lightspeed Engineering
Lightspeed offers race-proven wheel pants and spinners, particularly for canard-pusher aircraft, and ultra-low-drag kevlar cowls for the Rutan Vari-EZ.

Lite Air Enterprises
Providing direct access to high quality equipment for use in aviation. Formerly W.K. Skulsky, Lite Air Enterprises primarily offers instruments, intercoms, headsets, helmets, and safety restraints for light aircraft.

LoPresti Speed Merchants
Modifications and speed boosting parts for aircraft: HID Xenon landing light system, hub cap with access door, remote oil filter system, electronic oil system metal sensor, etc.

Lord Corporation
Leaders in shock, vibration and noise attenuation, motion management, bonding and coating materials, and controllable fluids and systems development.

L.P. Aero Plastics, Inc.
For 50 years, L.P. Aero Plastics has been the world's leading wholesale manufacturer of FAA-PMA aircraft windshields and windows for the general aviation market.

Menzimer Aircraft Components
Manufacturers of electric trim systems, trim servos, stick grips, wire & wing walks, indicators & sensors, switches, relays & other accessories.

Miller Aviation, Inc.
FBO in the Northeastern US with aircraft maintenance facilities, propeller, governor and avionics shops.

Mountain High Equipment & Supply
Specializing in carry on and built in oxygen systems, since 1985.

Murphy Aircraft Mfg. LTD
Supplier of 1500 Series and 1800 Series Metal Floats.

Nulite Instrument Lighting Systems
NULITEs are a revolutionary lighting system for aircraft instruments. They give the same lighting appearance as internal lighting kits at a fraction of the cost. NULITEs have a special bezel that focus light toward the instrument, preventing light from reflecting into the pilot's eyes. When sandwiched between the instrument and panel, NULITEs reduce glare and "hotspots" by concentrating 60% of the light on the upper half of the instrument.

Owen Aerospace
Owen Aerospace builds parts for the scorpion helicopter. Owen aerospace is dedicated to researching and redeveloping the Scorpion II experimental aircraft, operating only while upholding the highest standards of safety.

Suppliers of aircraft spec materials (4130, 6061, T45, 2024 etc Bar Sheet Tube and Plate Products) direct from within the UK. With over £250,000 of investment into stocks, we hold a vast stock range of materials.

Poly Fiber Aircraft Coatings
Stits Poly-Fiber Aircraft Coatings and Stits Poly-Fiber Fabric Covering System, Classic Aero nitrate/butyrate dopes.

Randolph Products
Manufacturers of Aircraft-Aerospace, Mil-Spec, & Industrial Coatings.

Rapco, Inc.
Replacement Aircraft Parts Co. has aircraft vacuum system kits, brake components, de-ice components, fuel pumps.

R.A.W. Resources
Supplier of certified aircraft spruce, spar stock and component stock.

Replicraft Aviation
Supplier of parts for most popular "plans only" designs including "quick-build" kits for the Pietenpol Aircamper, and wing kits for the Piet, Grega GN-1 and the Acro Sport l and ll. Also plans & parts for the Spezio Tu-Holer.

Safecraft Inc.
Mannfacturer and distributor of fire extinguishers and extinguishing systems for light aircraft.

Foam fabrication, flammability treatment, flammability testing, custom interior & upholstery products and sound control packages.

SkyGeek.com, Styles Logistics, Inc.
Aviation supplies: Tires, Oil, Filters, Batteries, Avionics, Headsets & More. Our parts fly, but our prices are grounded.

SlipStream Industries
At SlipStream we design, manufacture and market aircraft kits, floats and related accessories.

Sport Flight Aviation L.L.C.
GRS ballistic parachutes, Talon aircraft, Sport Brakes, SportSails, Sport Flight Suits, Sport Wheels, & Sport Props.

Strong Electric Pitch Trim
Electric Pitch Trim For Canards.

Tukan Trike Store, Inc.
Builder and supplier of complete trikes, trike kits, pods, wheel pants and more.

Ultralight Flight Center
Authorized dealer for Full Lotus Floats.

The Ultralight Place
The place for ultralights. Based in Illinois, we are a Rotax Repair Station, and offer many products and services for ultralights, powered parachutes and homebuilts. We offer ultralight flight training, parts, avionics, engine accessories, propellers, custom modifications, trailers, and more.

Bret L. Van Horne
New high-strength foam core material.

Varga Enterprises
Varga carries many Aircraft parts, Tires, Pilot supplies, Aeroquip hoses and fittings for many different aircraft including Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft and even homebuilt airplanes.

Venture Cinchers
Custom designed Sport Aircraft seat belts and shoulder harnesses.

John Walach
Nine gallon aerodynamic Fuel Cell and Wheelpants for Ultralight or Powered Parachute. Custom composite part design and fabrication.

Wentworth Aircraft, Inc.
The United States' largest provider of used Lycoming and Continental engines, as well as avionics, instruments, and more.

Western Aircraft Supplies
25 Years experience supplying quality sitka spruce.

Zangi Sticks
Italian handmade control sticks for homebuilt aircraft. Ergonomic stick grip for left or right hand with internal switch option.

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