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This section lists vendors of propellers and rotors.

Aircraft spares and pilot supplies for sports and experimental aircraft. Australian based - Worldwide shipping.

Aerotek 2000
A variety of propeller systems for most homebuilt aircraft with excellent vibration characteristics.

Airmaster Propellers Ltd.
Airmaster constant-speed electronic props from Aero-Trading Ltd. are developed specifically for the Rotax 912/914 and Jabiru 2200/3300.

Air Trikes
Vassili Tarakanov ultralight propellers, parts, trikes and equipment.

Allred & Associates, Inc.
Easily and accurately carve wooden propellers with this duplicating machine from Allred & Associates, Inc.

A.S.A.P. (Aircraft Sales And Parts)
GSC Systems (International) Ltd. propellers.

Atlas Spinner
Supplier of 6" blank spinner kits for microlights and ultralights.

Balance Masters
Vibration damper for Ultralights using Rotax engines.

Broken Wings, Inc.
We sell, buy & trade, used aircraft engines, aircraft parts, and aircraft salvage. Engines and Parts come with Warranties to ensure complete Customer Satisfaction. We are your provider of quality used Textron Lycoming & Teledyne Continental aircraft engines.

Climb And Cruise.Com
Two and three blade electric inflight adjustable propellers by Quinti Avio for homebuilt aircraft.

Coleman Propellers
Custom made fixed pitch wooden props.

Cummins Spinners Pty Ltd
Cummins Spinners make Aluminium Spinners for non-certified aircraft with customised cut-outs to suit your propeller. Available in sizes from 4 to 13 inch diameters.

Dynamic Solutions Systems
MicroVib Aircraft AnalyzerTM, the MicroBase SystemTM and the Personal MicroBalancerTM used in dynamic propeller balancing, helicopter rotor track and balance, engine and gearbox vibration analysis.

Green Sky Adventures, Inc.
Micro Mong & Zippy Sport plans, Rotax engines, powerplant service & remanufacturing and props.

Hartzell Propeller
One of the best known names in propellers. They now offer blended airfoil propellers for better efficiency, accuracy and noise reduction.

Composite propellers with a stainless steel leading edge, with ground and inflight electrical adjustable versions. Ivoprop produces over 3,000 propellers each year.

Miller Aviation, Inc.
FBO in the Northeastern US with aircraft maintenance facilities, propeller, governor and avionics shops.

Moravia Inc.
Exclusive North American distributor of Walter-LOM engines and propellers.

PropLink, LP
PropLink offers an all-mechanical variable pitch hub for experimental aircraft. A simple vernier control gives the pilot direct control over blade pitch without using electric motors or hydraulics of any kind. An optional beta (reverse) pitch control for improved ground/water handling is also available.

Recreational Power Engineering
Hirth engines and accessories, Powerfin composite propellers, and BlueMax 2 cycle aviation oil.

Sensenich Propeller Manufacturing Company
Manufactures fixed-pitch metal propellers for Type Certified and Homebuilt / Kit aircraft. This site is exclusively for fixed-pitch metal propellers, and fixed-pitch metal propeller / aviation issues.

Sensenich Wood Propeller Co., Inc
Sensenich Wood Propeller Co. manufactures fixed pitch wood and wood core composite propellers for Type Certified Aircraft and Experimental Aircraft.

Sport Flight Aviation L.L.C.
GRS ballistic parachutes, Talon aircraft, Sport Brakes, SportSails, Sport Flight Suits, Sport Wheels, & Sport Props.

Suntech Innovations
Balance Masters, a vibration dampener for ultralight aircraft.

The Ultralight Place
The place for ultralights. Based in Illinois, we are a Rotax Repair Station, and offer many products and services for ultralights, powered parachutes and homebuilts. We offer ultralight flight training, parts, avionics, engine accessories, propellers, custom modifications, trailers, and more.

Vortech International, Inc.
Offering a wide variety of main and tail rotorblades for both one and two seat helicopters and gyroplanes.

Western Aircraft Propeller
We repair and sell Propellers for certified and homebuilt aircraft.

Whirlwind Propellers
Composite constant-speed propellers for engines 180 - 400 hp.

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