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Powerplants and PSRUs

Engine Accessories

PRSUs and other engine accessories. Replacement, upgrade and overhaul components.

912 XTRA
Upgrade your Rotax 912 to the 93 horsepower 912XTRA, a complete kit that will give you another 13 horsepower out of your Rotax 912UL.

Able Experimental Aircraft Engine Co.
VW based engines, (50-195 hp.) AltiMizer altitude-compensating carburetor, (30-42 mm.) High performance tuned induction systems to fit Subaru, VW and others. Replacement carburators for Rotax, Hirth and others.

AeroParts & Supply, Inc.
World wide distribution of Aircraft Parts. Specializing in Aircraft tires, batteries, starters, alternators, magnetos, strobe lights and other electrical products.

Aircraft Extras, Inc.
Great products for home builders: Low Fuel Warning, Electroluminescent Panel Lighting, F1 Rocket parts, the "Meske" Tip-Up / Slider canopy mod, & many other RV products too!

Aircraft Suppliers Company
Aviation parts, paint and pilot supplies sales, since 1945. Purchase and research aircraft parts, airplane paint, hardware and pilot accessories for all your aviation needs from the best online aircraft marketplace for aircraft homebuilders.

Airwolf Filter Corp.
World's largest manufacturer of remote mounted oil filter systems. Also offers oil hoses, oil filter cutters & aerial spraying systems.

Alternate AirPower
Producer of Geschwender PSRUs. Smooth Automotive Power for your homebuilt. For over 25 years, Geschwender has been a respected name in auto engine conversion.

Broken Wings, Inc.
We sell, buy & trade, used aircraft engines, aircraft parts, and aircraft salvage. Engines and Parts come with Warranties to ensure complete Customer Satisfaction. We are your provider of quality used Textron Lycoming & Teledyne Continental aircraft engines.

Casper Labs, Inc.
Casper Labs, Inc. produces premium oil filter conversions for Lycoming engines with tight firewall to accessory case clearance. They also produce high temperature fasteners for exhaust components.

Chief Aircraft
Chief Aircraft has aircraft parts, avionics, instruments, pilot supplies & Aviation Art. Great prices and an outstanding selection.

Compass Avionics Incorporated
Manufactures and sells redundant electronic fuel injection & ignition systems for converted auto engines.

Drake Air Inc.
Drake Air Inc is an FAA/JAA approved repair station for heat transfer, hydraulic and pneumatic system fluid components. We service, manufacture and distribute oil coolers, fuel heaters, heat exchangers, precoolers, condensers,evaporators, inner coolers, oil filters, fuel filters, valves, pressure switches, actuators, landing skids, exhaust components, pneumatic ducting, air-conditioning compressors, alternator drive couplings, oil pumps, radiators and related components.

Ellison Fluid Systems, Inc.
Producers of the Ellison Throttle Body Injector.

Firewall Forward Aero Engines Inc.
Producers of the CAMDRIVE 500 helical gear psru for up to 500 Hp engines, and the CAM series of Honda based liquid cooled aircraft engines complete with a belt drive PSRU.

General Aviaton Modifications
GAMIjectors fuel injectors, Supplenator supplemental alternator, PDU standardized panel display unit, Liquidair aerodynamic baffle kit, Prism electronic ignition system.

Gomolzig - Nick Jaksa & Associates, LLC
North American representative for Gomolzig Flugzeug und Maschinenbau, GmbH, a German manufacturer of silencer/muffler systems.

Great Atlantic Aeroplane Company Inc.
Provides pilot supplies, avionics, paints and primers, composites, chemicals and lubricants, fabric covering, control cables and tie rod products, raw materials, hardware, airframe items, engine and fuel systems, hoses and tubing, tools, electrical items, pilot and hanger items, books, videos, and aviation art.

Great Plains Aircraft
Supplier of VW engine conversions, conversion kits and components.

Hal Hunt Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes
Low Drag Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes for Long-EZ, Vari-Eze, E-Racer, Cozy, Berkut & Velocity.

Huronia Aero-marine
Belt reduction units for a variety of motors.

I-K Technologies
I-K Technologies' IK2000 and AIM aircraft information monitors display multiple parameters - both graphically and numerically - in compact, lightweight, low-cost displays. Single or dual-module systems simultaneously monitor 4 or 6 CHTs and EGTs, RPM, MP, oil & fuel pressure, oil temperature, fuel flow and more.

I'm Fly'N
Producing Subaru engine conversions and accessories for homebuilt aircraft.

Kelly Aerospace, Inc.
Kelly Aerospace manufactures and overhauls electrical components, fuel system components, turbocharging system components, cabin heaters and turbine aircraft components which are installed by OEM’s, supported in the aftermarket through an extensive worldwide distribution network, and backed by an industry leading “No-Hassle” warranty.

KS Avionics Inc.
Since 1967 we have shipped over 8,000 CHT/EGT's, plus thousands of other products. All our manufacturing is under FAA PMA approval. We're happy to work with you to provide just the right system for your aircraft or application.

Lamar Technologies Corporation
Lamar quality products are well known in the general aviation industry and are installed on over forty percent of existing single and twin engine piston aircraft. Providing standard products such as voltage regulators and monitors as well as  the new lightweight starter and Master Control Unit, Lamar is combining innovative thinking with Precision Quality.

Leading Edge Air Foils
Rotax Engines, Gearboxes, Manuals & the Rotax CD-ROM.

Light Speed Engineering
Light Speed Engineering is a leading company in the design and production of speed modifications for sport aircraft registered in the experimental category.

LoPresti Aero
Aerodynamic consulting service. Specializing in low drag engine cooling issues.

LoPresti Speed Merchants
Modifications and speed boosting parts for aircraft: HID Xenon landing light system, hub cap with access door, remote oil filter system, electronic oil system metal sensor, etc.

Internal-helical speed reduction units for all alternate engines.

McLeod Performance
Hi Performance exhaust systems for the experimental aircraft enthusiast. Specializing in Titanium exhaust systems.

Miller Aviation, Inc.
FBO in the Northeastern US with aircraft maintenance facilities, propeller, governor and avionics shops.

Moravia Inc.
Exclusive North American distributor of Walter-LOM engines and propellers.

MPA Company
"Missing link" vacuum pump drive system for VW airplane engines.

NorthWest Aero Products
Suppliers of the Chevy LS1 V8, Chevy V6 and Ford V6 convertions, as well as PRSU and other engine accessories.

Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc.
Specializing in aircraft oil coolers, fuel heaters, valves, heat exchangers, condensers and evaporators.

Walt Patterson, Independent AMSOIL Dealer
In 1972 AMSOIL developed the first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet American Petroleum Institute service requirements. Currently, the AMSOIL product line includes the finest quality synthetic motor oils, synthetic diesel oils, gear lubes, synthetic greases, industrial lubricants, oil filters, air filters and automotive performance products. I welcome the opportunity to work with you personally as your servicing AMSOIL Dealer. Use the information on this website to contact me.

PosiTech International, Inc.
PosiTech oil coolers are available for Homebuilt or certified aircraft. We offer new, recored, rebuilt and Nu-Core oil coolers. Using our PosiClean Process, we are the largest rebuilder and remanufacturer of oil cooler's used on all reciprocating engines.

Powersport Aviation, Inc.
Produces the PS-215 Mazda rotary based engine, the PSRU-300 reduction drive for Mazda rotary conversions, and computer based Multi-Function Displays.

Precision Airmotive Corporation
Precision Airmotive stands proudly as a world leader in the manufacturing of aviation piston engine fuel controls. By providing both fuel injected and carbureted fuel systems for new and older aircraft, helicopters and the kit plane market, Precision Airmotive is at the top in the revitalization occurring in general aviation.

Real World Solutions
Producing and flying a PSRU for Mazda rotary engine conversions, electronic fuel injection controller for Mazda rotary, Subaru and Chevy V-8 engines, and the book, "Aviator's Guide to Mazda Rotary Conversion."

Recreational Power Engineering
Hirth engines and accessories, Powerfin composite propellers, and BlueMax 2 cycle aviation oil.

Reductions, Inc.

RMJ-AERO produces oil separators for homebuilders using Continental and Lycoming engines. These separators remove oil from the engine crankcase breather line providing the builder with a cleaner plane, less oil consumption, and prolonged engine life from maximum cooling, cleaning, and lubrication, not to mention helping to preserve a cleaner environment.

Ross Aero, Inc.
Manufacturer of geared, planetary reduction drives for use on Subaru EA-81s

Skytronics, Inc.
Manufacturer of JASCO Alternators, Aero-Lite Ignition Harnesses and Skyflex Conduit.

STE Corporation
STE Inc. Provides various services including but not limited to custom aviation exhaust systems to the experimental aircraft, homebuilt aircraft, and Kitplane market that utilize the Bombardier / Rotax 912, Rotax 912s, or the 912Xtra as their engine choice.

Superior Air Parts, Inc.
It's our vision to be the first in the customer's mind for piston aircraft engine parts worldwide.

Tripco Supply
Distributors of aircraft oil coolers by NDM.

The Ultralight Place
The place for ultralights. Based in Illinois, we are a Rotax Repair Station, and offer many products and services for ultralights, powered parachutes and homebuilts. We offer ultralight flight training, parts, avionics, engine accessories, propellers, custom modifications, trailers, and more.

United Medical & Aircraft Instruments
UMA has been manufacturing quality, U.S. made, aircraft and medical instruments for over 25 years. We make traditional and custom designed flight and engine instruments.

Venture Aerodrome
Custom exhaust systems for Rotax 912, fuel and engine accessories.

Zeftronics designs and manufactures the best Voltage Regulators, Alternator and Generator Controllers, Over-Voltage and Parallel Relays and other general aviation (GA) aircraft products. Many of these products are FAA-PMA approved.

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