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Auto Conversion Aircraft Engines

Automotive engine conversions and conversion kits.

Able Experimental Aircraft Engine Company
Manufactures and sells worldwide: VW-based, high-performance, 2 and 4 cylinder engines for use in sport aircraft, airboats and industrial applications; AltiMizer altitude-compensating carburetors; high-performance induction systems for VW, Subaru, Rotax and other engines; sells Prolong Super Lubricants to aviators.

Atkins Rotary Specialties Inc.
Builds Mazda rotary engines for experimental aircraft.

The Better Half VW
The Better Half VW engine conversion was started in 1993, and so far have sold about 3000 plans set. One unique feature is the fact that there is no need to cut the case. Somewhere between 150 and 250 of these engine conversions have been built and are flying today.

Compass Avionics Incorporated
Manufactures and sells redundant electronic fuel injection & ignition systems for converted auto engines.

Crossflow Aero Corporation
Altitude and humidity compensating, fuelinjected, watercooled, Subaru conversions. 180-320hp. Firewall forward packages for almost any homebuilt aircraft. An experienced company with a lot of engines flying.

Firewall Forward Aero Engines Inc.
Producers of the CAM series of Honda based liquid cooled aircraft engines complete with a belt drive PSRU, and the CAMDRIVE 500 helical gear psru for up to 500 Hp engines.

G.E.M. Aero Tech
Automotive engine conversions.

Great Plains Aircraft
Supplier of VW engine conversions, conversion kits and components.

Huronia Aero-marine
Belt reduction units for a variety of motors.

Hurricane Force
Producing the Hurricane Force 541, a big block Chevrolet conversion which is ideally suited for 3/4 or larger scale warbird kits or other experimental aircraft requiring sustained, high horsepower.

I'm Fly'N
Producing Subaru engine conversions and accessories for homebuilt aircraft.

NorthWest Aero Products
Suppliers of the Chevy LS1 V8, Chevy V6 and Ford V6 convertions, as well as PRSU and other engine accessories.

NSI Propulsion Systems Inc.
Subaru automotive engine with reduction gear and variable pitch prop.

Powersport Aviation, Inc.
Produces the PS-215 Mazda rotary based engine, the PSRU-300 reduction drive for Mazda rotary conversions, and computer based Multi-Function Displays.

RAM Performance Subaru
Offering 1.8 and 2.0 Subaru engines for aircraft, hovercraft, etc. Also the US distributor for Sub4 aeromotive engine parts and redrives.

Raven Rotorcraft & Redrives Inc.
Geo Metro/Suzuki auto engine reduction drives and conversion manuals.

Real World Solutions
Producing and flying a PSRU for Mazda rotary engine conversions, electronic fuel injection controller for Mazda rotary, Subaru and Chevy V-8 engines, and the book, "Aviator's Guide to Mazda Rotary Conversion."

Recreational Power Engineering
Hirth engines and accessories, Powerfin composite propellers, and BlueMax 2 cycle aviation oil.

Wayne Scraba
Producing and selling big block Chevy conversion engines for homebuilt aircraft.

Stratus Incorporated
Converted Subaru EA-81 engines for use in Avid Flyers and similar light, home-built aircraft, and the Cessna 150F

Subaroo Specialties
Performance Subaru engines. Custom built.

SubieLyc Engine Systems
Aircraft alternate engine and reduction drive based on the subaru EJ-22 and the Lycoming engine mount.

Manufactures V-8 engine conversions. Also closing out many VW engine conversions.

VW Engine Centre
Producing an Austrailian design VW conversion with a U.S. Distributor. Called the RG TT2000, the engine produces 100 hp and over 225 ft. lbs. of torque. The engine has a Helical gear drive PSRU which allows the engine to produce optimum power while providing optimum propeller efficiency. The RG TT2000 is able to swing composite props. We also produce slightly bigger engines.

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