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Engine Maintenance

Engine maintenance & oil analysis services.

Engine Maintenance

Aircraft Engine Specialists
Specializing in Continental and Lycoming engine overhaul and repair, cylinder overhaul and repair, superior Millennium engines, and the 360 cubic inch XP Engine series, a zero-time new engine for kit builders.

Composite Specialists
Homebuilts are our business. Engines, composite parts, modifications, repairs, paint, upholstery, etc.

Drake Air Inc.
Drake Air Inc is an FAA/JAA approved repair station for heat transfer, hydraulic and pneumatic system fluid components. We service, manufacture and distribute oil coolers, fuel heaters, heat exchangers, precoolers, condensers,evaporators, inner coolers, oil filters, fuel filters, valves, pressure switches, actuators, landing skids, exhaust components, pneumatic ducting, air-conditioning compressors, alternator drive couplings, oil pumps, radiators and related components.

G & C Authorized Sales & Service
Machine shop, repairing, service, equipment and parts. Authorized dealer for industrial Continental Engines.

G & N Aircraft, Inc.
G&N began its operation in 1961. To assure you the finest engine overhaul available, we use genuine Textron Lycoming and Teledyne Continental parts. All of our engines are produced to new fits and tolerances; service limit overhauls are not an acceptable alternative at G&N Aircraft.

Green Sky Adventures, Inc.
Micro Mong & Zippy Sport plans, Rotax engines, powerplant service & remanufacturing and props.

Miller Aviation, Inc.
FBO in the Northeastern US with aircraft maintenance facilities, propeller, governor and avionics shops.

Andy Peterson
Maintenance or help with homebuilts, classics, restorations and engines. Annual inspections, maintenance and repairs on all types of aircraft, including homebuilts. Located in the San Francisco Bay - Sacramento area.

The Ultralight Place
The place for ultralights. Based in Illinois, we are a Rotax Repair Station, and offer many products and services for ultralights, powered parachutes and homebuilts. We offer ultralight flight training, parts, avionics, engine accessories, propellers, custom modifications, trailers, and more.

Oil Analysis

Aviation Laboratories
We provide oil analysis as well as offer aviation oil, filters, fuel additives and chemicals, inspection kits, pumps, motors, starters, and more.

First and largest commercial oil analysis laboratory serving the aviation industry.

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