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Engine related stuff that doesn't belong anywhere else.

AeroParts & Supply, Inc.
World wide distribution of Aircraft Parts. Specializing in Aircraft tires, batteries, starters, alternators, magnetos, strobe lights and other electrical products.

Aircraft Extras, Inc.
Great products for home builders: Low Fuel Warning, Electroluminescent Panel Lighting, F1 Rocket parts, the "Meske" Tip-Up / Slider canopy mod, & many other RV products too!

Airflow Performance, Inc.

Casper Labs, Inc.
Casper Labs, Inc. produces premium oil filter conversions for Lycoming engines with tight firewall to accessory case clearance. They also produce high temperature fasteners for exhaust components.

Formula Power

The HomebuiltHelp Company
We provide instructional videos for the beginning homebuilder. A great way to get started in aircraft homebuilding, or to just learn more about what it takes to build your own aircraft.

LoPresti Aero
Aerodynamic consulting service. Specializing in low drag engine cooling issues.

RFI Publishing Group

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