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Powerplants and PSRUs

Jet & Turbine Engines

Pulse-jet, pressure-jet, ramjet, turbojet and turbo prop engines.

Developing a variety of high-bypass turbofan and turboprop engines for general aviation use.

Everett Aero
We are a UK based company specializing in British Ex. military aircraft, engines and spares.

JEI Turbine Group
Used turboshaft engines, Custom accessories, Tech manuals, etc.

Miller Aviation, Inc.
FBO in the Northeastern US with aircraft maintenance facilities, propeller, governor and avionics shops.

Robert Q. Riley Enterprises
Detailed plans avialable for building the Gluhareff Pressure Jet engine. Available in 20-lb, 40-lb, 80-lb and 130-lb thrust sizes. Plans include a 20,000 word, technical manual with over 100 photos and illustrations, plus step-by-step construction procedures. Printed 24 x 36-inch drawings, CAD drawings, and 3D models are also included on CD-ROM.

Bruce Simpson
Pulsejets in built-up and kitset form are now available in thrusts from 4lbs to 100lbs from FAB Jets.

Turbine Design, Inc.
Turbine engines, 657 horsepower, 440 lbs, TBOs from 3000 to 9000 hrs.

Windspire, Inc.
Jet-engine plans that fully detail the construction of the PV5 and PV8 pulsejet engines. The PV8 Jet Engine can produce 37 lbs. of thrust. Full construction prints are provided for both engines.

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