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Aircraft Sales

This section is for dealers and advertisers of new and used Homebuilts, Ultralights and General Aviation aircraft. These typically carry all types of aircraft, not just homebuilts.

Used Homebuilts and other Aircraft

Aircraft Sale
Aircraft listings, including homebuilts.

Aircraft Shopper Online
Where Aircraft are Bought and Sold on the Web.

Aircraft classifieds, including experimental and ultralight sections. Performance charts, aviation event calendar, and more.

Base Leg Aviation
Base Leg Aviation is a company specializing in Brokering and Finding Aircraft for its clients. Parts, Projects, and Completed Aircraft can be found

Bush Pilot
Aircraft for sale by owners, parts for sale, parts wanted, and other things for the bush pilot.

Orlando Sanford Aircraft Sales, Inc.
New and used aircraft, including homebuilts.

Trade-A-Plane Online
Since 1937 Trade-A-Plane has been the publication for people looking to buy or sell any type of aircraft. Now it's available online and fully searchable.

West-Wind Aviation, Ltd.
Western Canada's largest aircraft sales firm. From Ultralights to Lear Jets, for buyers and sellers.

New & Used Ultralights

Aircraft Supermarket
Used and consigned ultralights and sport planes. Authorized dealer of Golden Circle Air, Titan Aircraft, Flightstar SportPlanes, Drifter, Challenger, SeaRey, Quicksilver, & Superfloater.

Air Trikes
Vassili Tarakanov ultralight parts, trikes and equipment.

Ultralight Flight Center
Quicksilver Ultralight Flight Center located in Northern California. They offer training in a MXLII Sport w/582 and an authorized dealer for Quicksilver, BRS, and Full Lotus Floats.

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