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This section lists vendors that provide aircraft construction assistance for homebuilts. This kind of service can help you with building a difficult part of your project or help you speed up your construction. If you just have to have a design that's only available as a homebuilt and you have more money than time, they can even build a homebuilt for you. (This is a grey area as far as the FAA is concerned. This cannot be the major portion of their business to be legal. And you will not get a repairman's certificate since you didn't build it. So your annuals must be signed off by an A & P who is willing to work on homebuilts.)

Advanced Composite Technologies
Providing builders assistance for composite aircraft. We can construct your kit plane to meet your specifications.

Aerodynamics LLC
We build experimental aircraft and avionics panels. We specialize in building Lancair aircraft, but have experience with others. We build avionics panels for any experimental aircraft.

Aero Visions International, Inc.
We offer quality builder assistance for you! Professional workmanship! Timely! We take pride in our work!

Air-Crafters, Inc.
Assistance with all types of RV-series aircraft by Van's Aircraft, Inc.

AirCrafters LLC
We understand what it takes to accelerate your project, and get you into the air as quickly and safely as possible. Located in Northern California, we have over 30 years combined experience, with degrees in Aeronautics, hands-on experience in composite, wood and metal aircraft design and construction, engine and electrical installations.

American Air Racing Ltd.
American Air Racing Ltd. is a full service builder-support facility for high-performance custom and kit-built aircraft. They support Glasair, Legend, Thunder Mustang, and other kits and plans.

American Aero Support, LLC
We are a company with over 80 years of aircraft experience. Our President, Phillip G. Esparza has worked as a Field Service Representative for Eurocopter Helicopter Corporation,And as a Field Service Representative for Bombardier Aerospace. He has built a Lancair IVP, Lancair 320, Glastar, and current in the RV 6,8 series. He was featured in the November 1996 issue of Kitplanes magazine. We currently are in the process of recieving our FAA repair station certificate for Magnetos.If you have a Glastar, Lancair,or RV project you need help with,we can assist you. We are located in Fort Worth, Texas, Meacham Field.

Certified Aviation Services
FAA Repair Station, ONT & SNA, Authorized southern California completion center for Aircraft Designs' Stallion.

Composite Specialists
Homebuilts are our business. Composite parts, modifications, repairs, paint, upholstery, etc.

Specializing in wood, aluminum and tube-and-fabric construction as well as Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) for the proposed "Sport Pilot" rule.

Eagle Aviation
Experienced with Stoddard Hamilton's GlasStar, Avid Aircraft's Avid Flyer, and Custom Flight Components' North Star & Bright Star.

Joe Fisher
Rebuilding and custom building small fabric airplanes.

Lochert Aviation, Inc.
We help shorten the time necessary to build your aircraft while providing you with the most valuable part of builder assistance - guidance and confidence. Experts in Glasair and Glastar aircraft, our staff (including 2 A&P mechanics) have over 30 years combined experience building experimental aircraft and can tackle any project.

Andy Peterson
Maintenance or help with homebuilts, classics, restorations and engines. Annual inspections, maintenance and repairs on all types of aircraft, including homebuilts. Located in the San Francisco Bay - Sacramento area.

Polson Aeroworks, Inc.
Polson Aeroworks offers builder assistance to complete your project that's fast and affordable. Specializing in building and modifying Avid Aircraft designs.

Refly Inc.
Our company specializes in assembling light helicopters and fixed wing aircraft from kits. We are experienced with the Mini-500, Exec 162F, Ultrasport 496, Baby Belle, Zodiacs, Murphy Renegade and Berkut, and are able to build others. We are also manufacturing Russian designed amphibian aircraft Che-22, which can be purchased from us both as a kit and ready-to-fly.

Robertson Aviation Maintenance Corp - RAMCOR
Let Us Help You With Your Homebuilt. Kit and Plans Built Builder Assistance. Located at the Davidson County Airport in Lexington, North Carolina.

Thompson Aviation
We build the Loehle P5151 or the P40 for the enthusiast who would like a P51 or P40 replica but don't have the time to build it themselves. We have the workplace and the experience to build it right. See our site today for more information.

Top Flight Services, Inc.
Top Flight Services offers a wide range of services for the homebuilder. We offer construction and completion services as well as inspections, repairs and modifications. We also provide personal instruction in the various aspects of building an aircraft to help the inexperienced builder over the learning curve. Top quality and value presented in a friendly tropical paradise.

Walker Mfg. Co. Inc.
We do airplane fabrications; Tube, fabric, metal and some fiberglass.

Waterbirds LC
Amphibian aircraft dealer, sales, service and workshop assistance for the SeaRey experimental kit aircraft, which is manufactured by Progressive Aerodyne.

Wing Nuts Inc.
Wing Nuts, Inc. offers a palette of aircraft building services that will please even the most discriminating of aircraft owners. We can completely rebuild your present aircraft or build you a new one. We offer dependable service at a competitive shop rate and we believe our turn around time for restoration and recovering are better than most. We can offer very quick turnarounds on recovering wing panels, tail surfaces and control surfaces.

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