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Aircraft Design

This section lists vendors of aircraft design and related services.

Aircraft Design Consultants

AirBoss Aerospace
Modern techniques and experienced staff able to handle any project. They work with their clients to design what they want. They offer sound advice to ensure the design is safe and meets the mission requirements.

Aircraft Designs, Inc.
We design aircraft using the latest computer methods and advanced composite materials as well as metals and we work with some of the world's leading technical experts in aerodynamics, structures, finite element analysis, dynamics and manufacturing. Some of the aircraft that we have helped design include the Lancair 360, Lancair IV/P, Lancair ES, KIS, KIS Cruiser, G-200, Starkraft 700, and of course our own Stallion.

Approach Systems, Inc.
Approach Systems manufactures a Plug and Play wiring solution for installing avionics. Allowing full IFR installations to be accomplished in 2 or 3 hours. From ultralights to light twins they can help. Contact Approach with any avionics question, they can facilitate nearly any installation.

Bailets Composites
Composite tooling and consulting including; master patterns, master molds, production patterns, production molds, trim fixtures, drill fixtures and alignment/assembly fixtures for aviation , marine, automotive, sporting goods and art projects. Voyager, Nemesis, Sail America, etc.

An aeronautical and aerospace engineering firm. We publish textbooks by Dr. Jan Roskam, offer accompanying software, and do consulting work.

DaVinci Technologies, Inc.
While the primary focus of DaVinci Technologies is the development and marketing of off-the-shelf software applications, we do occasionally accept consulting work and requests for customized software.

LoPresti Aero
Aerodynamic consulting service. Specializing in low drag engine cooling issues.

Orion Technologies
Orion Technologies is a full service organization providing design, engineering and fabrication support to aviation industries where market oriented aesthetics, optimized performance and structural integrity are keys to successful products. We support all phases of development ranging from conceptual design through part fabrication, assembly and flight testing. Our customer list includes many private individuals and smaller companies, as well as larger, mainstream organizations.

Othman Aviation
Aeronautical Engineering Services: Aircraft Design & Modifications, Performance Estimation & Analysis, Mechanical Design & Analysis, Technical Drawings & Graphics, Research and Product Development, Aircraft Accident Investigation and Aviation Safety for Experimental Aircraft.


Conceptual Research Corporation
Offer a design textbook, classes on design, design software, actual conceptual design layout drawings, and lots of other stuff of interest to aircraft designers.

E Raimondo.Com
On demand publishing and translations for your kit-built pride & joy. Pilot's Manuals, Maintenance/Service Manuals, Parts Catalogues, Transition Training Manuals, System Schematics, Syllabus, Routine-Maintenance Work Orders and so on.

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