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This section lists vendors of aircraft maintenance and repair services for homebuilt aircraft.

Advanced Composite Technologies
Providing builders assistance for composite aircraft. We can construct your kit plane to meet your specifications.

Airmark Overhaul, Inc.
Serving the aviation community since 1975 providing quality engine repairs and overhauls for Textron Lycoming and Teledyne Continental engines. We hold Powerplant, Accessory and Non-destructive testing ratings.

American Aero Support, LLC
We are a company with over 80 years of aircraft experience. Our President, Phillip G. Esparza has worked as a Field Service Representative for Eurocopter Helicopter Corporation,And as a Field Service Representative for Bombardier Aerospace. He has built a Lancair IVP, Lancair 320, Glastar, and current in the RV 6,8 series. He was featured in the November 1996 issue of Kitplanes magazine. We currently are in the process of recieving our FAA repair station certificate for Magnetos.If you have a Glastar, Lancair,or RV project you need help with,we can assist you. We are located in Fort Worth, Texas, Meacham Field.

Astra Aero
Fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fibre, tooling, bonded metal to metal & plastics for Aircraft, marine, tractor trailer, recreational & RV. Mobile HVLP painting services, vacuum formed plastic fabrication, & specializing in advanced composite repairs. Located at Stoney Creek Airport, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada.

Certified Aviation Services
FAA Repair Station, ONT & SNA, Authorized southern California completion center for Aircraft Designs' Stallion.

Composite Specialists
Homebuilts are our business. Composite parts, modifications, repairs, paint, upholstery, etc.

Craig Aviation
Top quality homebuilt completions, repairs, modifications, both pre-buy and recurring inspections, as well as repairs and maintenance.

Joe Fisher
Rebuilding and custom building small fabric airplanes.

G&N Aircraft, Inc.
Engine overhaul, exchange, inspections and more. It has been our philosophy from the outset, that our products and service be the finest in the industry. We maintain this philosophy on a daily basis, with the concentrated and dedicated efforts of each of our employees to give you the best quality and finest service available. By putting forth this extra effort, we believe that we have set the standards for engine overhaul. All of our engines are produced to new fits and tolerances; service limit overhauls are not an acceptable alternative at G&N Aircraft. To assure you the finest engine overhaul available, we use genuine Textron Lycoming and Teledyne Continental parts. At G&N Aircraft, we believe in Quality not Quantity.

Giertz Aviation services
We specialize in experimental composite aircraft construction and repair. We also do tube/fabric and aluminum construction. See our web page for past and current projects.

Duane Kruse Aircraft Maintenance And Repair
Strong mechanical background with various power plants. Ten years of successful maintenance challenges that meets the customers time table within their budget. FAA Inspection Authorization. FAA Airframe and Powerplants. Homebuilts are welcome.

Lochert Aviation, Inc.
You have a flying aircraft that runs too hot? Seems too slow? Want that extra bit of economy? You built your aircraft and find there is something more you want to do. There is no shortage of opinions on what you need. Everyone has a mod that is good for 5 knots. We can help you wade through the ideas and get you something that works. We can install OEM options, aerodynamic mods, electronic ignition systems, and more.

Andy Peterson
Maintenance or help with homebuilts, classics, restorations and engines. Annual inspections, maintenance and repairs on all types of aircraft, including homebuilts. Located in the San Francisco Bay - Sacramento area.

Top Flight Services, Inc.
Top Flight Services offers a wide range of services for the homebuilder. We offer construction and completion services as well as inspections, repairs and modifications. We also provide personal instruction in the various aspects of building an aircraft to help the inexperienced builder over the learning curve. Top quality and value presented in a friendly tropical paradise.

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