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This section lists vendors who offer professional painting, upholstery and finishing services for homebuilt aircraft, including design scheme creation.

Advanced Composite Technologies
Providing builders assistance for composite aircraft. We can construct your kit plane to meet your specifications.

Astra Aero
Fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fibre, tooling, bonded metal to metal & plastics for Aircraft, marine, tractor trailer, recreational & RV. Mobile HVLP painting services, vacuum formed plastic fabrication, & specializing in advanced composite repairs. Located at Stoney Creek Airport, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada.

Av Source Aircraft Refinishing
Aircraft painting and interior specialists.

Barry's Powder Coating
Get the latest coatings on your small parts. All handcrafted in your choice of many colors. Powder Coating should be the choice of finishes for all Do-it-Yourselfers. Some good reasons not to paint: Flexibility, Durability & Impact Resistance, and Chemical & Corrosion Protection. Powder Coating has all of these propeties.

Composite Specialists
Homebuilts are our business. Composite parts, modifications, repairs, paint, upholstery, etc.

Flightline Interiors LLC
Complete interiors for Van's aircraft models featuring lightweight design, easy installation, quality craftsmanship, quality materials, a very "finished" look, and a quieter cockpit environment.

Henderson Aero Specialties, Inc.
Restoration and covering of J3 Cubs and replicas.

Millers Powder Coating
Serving the Atlanta, Georgia area for over 10 years. Experienced with coating of aircraft parts. Pilot/Owner ATP/CFII.

Scheme Designers
Unique custom paint scheme designs for aircraft owners, manufacturers, operators and airlines.

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