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Builders' Workshops

This section lists vendors who provide builders' workshops. These workshops let you try out various methods of construction so you can better decide what materials are right for you to build with. They also teach techniques and tips to make your homebuilt a sucess. They are a big leg up and a major help for the first time builder. They are the best way to try before you buy.

Builders' Workshops

Abaris Training
Specializing in advanced composite training to fit your needs. Since 1983 we have been training students from all industries, aerospace to automotive, in the use of advanced composites.

Workshops teaching the basics of Aircraft Homebuilding, such as composites, welding, etc.

Tailwheel & Fabric Spoken Here
Maryland based instructor teaching tailwheel flying and/or fabric covering at your location. Also a Licenced A&P and expert in fabric covering that will cover your aircraft for hire.

Top Flight Services, Inc.
Top Flight Services offers a wide range of services for the homebuilder. We offer construction and completion services as well as inspections, repairs and modifications. We also provide personal instruction in the various aspects of building an aircraft to help the inexperienced builder over the learning curve. Top quality and value presented in a friendly tropical paradise.

Waterbirds LC
Amphibian aircraft dealer, sales, service and workshop assistance for the SeaRey experimental kit aircraft, which is manufactured by Progressive Aerodyne.

Workshops Instructional Videos

The HomebuiltHelp Company
We provide instructional videos for the beginning homebuilder. A great way to get started in aircraft homebuilding, or to just learn more about what it takes to build your own aircraft.

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