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HTML Reference

I'm asked many questions about making web pages, from how I do something, to what software I use, to how to get started. So I decided to make an online reference.

It is designed to be a Beginner's Guide as well as a Veteran's Reference. It's full of the things I refer to, as well as my opinion on techniques and software. Like all opinion, take it if it's useful to you, ignore it if it's not. Most of my advice is from a Homebuilt Aircraft industry point of view, but it applies to anyone.

When it's more complete I'll link to it on the main Homebuilt Homepage index.

Homebuilt Homepage Guide To Creating Web Pages

Help Stop Spam!

First, there is never spam sent from this domain name. Our email server is protected and monitored. When someone unauthorized does attempt to use it to send any email they are prevented. But anyone, including email viruses, can put any domain name in a return address block. If you check the headers, (which I don't recommend, just junk it,) of a spam it's usually not from the claimed domain origination.

It appears that the Homebuilt Homepage is being targeted. We are seeking criminal prosecution of these sleeze-bags. If you receive spam that has a homebuilt.org email address in the From block it's a fraud.

The biggest obstacle to maintaining these pages is the vast amount of junk email or spam I receive. I can't use a SpamBlocker as this will also block legitimate email. I do use a JunkMail feature that automatically sorts suspected Spam into a folder for my later review. Even with this at least one legitimate email was mistakenly trashed. And while it's much faster this way, I still have to go through it to keep from missing real email. Although the bogus subject lines make most of these easy to chuck with minimal review.

You can help everyone online by not responding to these sleazy emails. If it's such a good deal, why do they have to use such slimy tactics? A person or company who is willing to spam to get customers shouldn't be trusted. Most of these are a scam. And when one person responds and buys what they're selling, then they have suceeded.

You can also help by supporting anti-spam legislation and turning in spammers to authorities. At least one spammer is already in jail in the United States. Some people will say it's a waste of time because these people will just move overseas, and a lot of the spam is already coming from other countries. This is not actually true. Nearly 85% of all spam is generated from inside the United States. Of those that come from other countries, more than half are for companies that are based in the United States or have a United States presence. That puts them in reach of U.S. courts.

It's a start. And you can help. See the website http://www.stopspam.org/.

Regarding The Homebuilt Homepage…

Once again I am way behind on updates. And this time I never did get caught up. For over two months I was unable to check my email or access my server. It will likely be a long time before I'm back up to speed. But I will do my best.

I've added a search engine to the main page of this site. This has been the most common request over the years. I have tried many different on-site and external options. But none were up to standard. Finally, Google has come up with a good one. The only disadvantage is that updates aren't added to the search database instantly. But it functions better than any other I've tried. And they offer the best coverage of the Homebuilt Homepage of any external search engine. I hope you find it useful.

I love everything about Homebuilt Aircraft. And I enjoy working on these pages. I make every effort to make changes, additions and updates in a timely manner. But my job on a regular basis takes me to places where I can't get the access I need.

If you don't see your submission added please feel free to send it again. I don't mind in the slightest. I'd rather receive it twice than not get it at all. However, the Homebuilders Directory section lists the date of the last submission that was added on it's first page. If your submission was sent after this date I haven't got to it yet.

14 Mar 2005

Future Plans For The Homebuilt Homepage…

I had so much planned for 2003, especially since it was the 100th anniversary of powered flight. I had hoped to roll out two big additions to the Homebuilt Homepage. The first was a new way for people to narrow their search for homebuilt kits and plans while remaining 100% compatible with every browser and system. Unfortunately it was way too labor intensive on my part. So I'm looking for a way to either automate the process or come up with a CGI version. (If anyone has any suggestions for a simple database reading & searching CGI I'd love to hear from you.)

The addition I was most excited about was a new magazine format section on the Homebuilt Homepage. While there are several excellent Homebuilt magazines in print and online, the commercial ones spend most of their time on the big companies, and Sport Aviation can't cover everything. I run across a lot in Homebuilt aviation that should be brought to people's attention, but doesn't. And the current format of the Homebuilt Homepage doesn't have a forum to highlight these worthy ventures. So a magazine format seemed to be the best solution.

I get repeated requests to put paid advertising on the Homebuilt Homepage, but it goes against the charter. So I have informed all inquiries, but promised if a format did come up that would be compatible I would get back to them. So a magazine spinoff seemed to be the best solution. The problem with that is I don't want to spend the time necessary to do a commercial venture justice, and I don't think it would generate enough income to make it pay to hire help with it. And I don't want to take any time away from the Homebuilt Homepage.

The Homebuilt Homepage is what I enjoy doing, and the fact that it's free to all both browsers and companies while being the biggest Homebuilt site is what makes it special. So I realized that any magazine shouldn't be a spinoff, but become part of the Homebuilt Homepage, including maintaining the paid advertisement free format.

I had hoped to roll out these new additions for the 100th anniversary of powered flight, but life and deployment to the Middle East prevented it. So I hope to catch up on updates to the current format and roll it out as soon as possible.

About Me

I'm currently a Flight Engineer on KC-10A Extenders. This is a fun aircraft. When I know more and have more pictures on the KC-10 I will be posting a page about it.
Previously, I was a Flight Engineer on C-141B Starlifters in the United States Air Force. This has got to be one of the best jobs there is. It's not an easy job, but that's part of what makes it great. I've got more information and photos on my Starlifter Page.

Personal Pages No Decaf DNRC

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Lost Friends

There are lots of people I've lost touch with, and I regret that. If any friends from the past read this, please email! I'd love to hear how you're doing.

A couple of friends emailed while I was deployed, and I didn't get to their email until they had already changed it. Please email again!!!

Personal Links

USA On A Stick Productions
On A Stick, the world of Jeff Dunham.
One of the funniest comedians you will see, Jeff is my favorite comedian. He's been on Carson, Leno, Letterman, and nearly any televised comedy show there is. He's a class act you should not miss, and is probably the headliner act at a comedy club in your area in the near future.
Jeff Dunham is also a homebuilder with several homebuilts under his belt. His latest, a Rotorway RW-162 helicopter, has the most distintive paint scheme of all time, and a stunning salute to the American Military. It is the cover story of the August, 2002 issue of Kitplanes.

USA Wainfan Home Page
Barnaby & Lynne Wainfan's page
Barnaby & Lynne Wainfan's page details their many exploits, including the latest on their famous Facetmobile series of aircraft. In addition to the Facetmobile, Barnaby is well known for his many articles in Kitplanes magazine. Lynne is no stranger to the Homebuilding scene herself. And the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree, their daughter has invented a way of reheating coffee for restaurants that doesn't change the sugar/creamer mix like adding more coffee does.

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