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Friends send me jokes all the time. I never seem to remember which I've sent to who, so I decided to put them in web pages. As I receive them I'll add them here. And as I have time I'll add all those I've already received. If you'd like to add a joke here send it to the email address to the right.


For anyone who is easily offended, these are the pages for you. The reason I say that is I've noticed that people who are easily offended really enjoy being offended. This seems to be how they get their jollies. So this is the perfect place to go when they need their fix.*

For the rest of us, these are divided into subject catagories. So if a subject area is something you are sensitive about just avoid that section. Personally, I find a joke even funnier if it applies to me.

Joke Catagories

*This is so funny to me I just have to share it. I have never received a single complaint about these joke pages. And I've had them for years, (over five as of January, 2002.) I have guessed it's largely because most people have a sense of humor. And the few censorship nazis out there have either not seen my site, or were embarrassed to say anything after reading the above paragraph.

Apparently politicians don't bother to read the fine print. (Which may be why their budgets are so ridiculously out of proportion.) I have finally received an angry email regarding a New Jersey joke, purportedly from a mayor in New Jersey. I have no way of knowing since the individual didn't bother to sign the email and used an anonymous AOL account. (Big surprise there.)

Having lived in New Jersey for many years, let me say this. Most of the residents of New Jersey have a sense of humor. Most of them find things like the Sopranos-esque stereotypes funny. The ones that get the most bent out of shape over a TV show like the Sopranos are politicians that have criminal ties. (Hmmm...) Anyone with half a brain knows that most people in Massachusetts don't talk like Ted Kennedy. But then, supposedly we are talking about a politician, so the half a brain comment doesn't apply.

I tried my best to take their comment seriously and respond to it seriously. But it was so hard to keep my laughter out of my reply. I've included the email and my response on the link below. Please feel free to read it. If you'd like to add to either side of this please feel free to email.

The Email & Reply

This animation is so perfect I just had to post it here. I wish I knew who originally did it so I could give them the credit.
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