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Aerotec Software

By John L. Wolfe

All of these programs are supplied as Freeware and are part of the Public Domain.

The author accepts absolutely no liability for your use of this material and makes no direct or implied claim of its correctness or suitability for your design use.

Read Me File

Online Read Me File
Web page verion of the Read Me file for all Aerotec software.

Download Read Me File
Downloadable text file verion of the Read Me file for all Aerotec software.


All programs require MS-DOS compatibility

Propeller Blade Angle Program
Sample Spar Stress Problem
Control Surface Force Program
Cruise Speed Program
Flight Envelope Program
Gust Load on Flying Surfaces Program
Propeller Characteristics Program
Sailplane Control Surface Load Program
Spar Strength Program
Weight and Balance Program

Aerotec Software
4116 West Frier Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85051-7319
(No collect calls please)

E-Mail: jwolfe@primenet.com

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