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Technical Information

This section lists sites where homebuilt aviation related technical information may be obtained. There is also design software available for download from this and other sites.

Technical Data

Aerodynamics Information
University of Adelaide, Applied Computational Fluid Mechanics Group.

Hartzell Propeller Kitplane Page
Hartzell's Kitplane Propeller System Selection Guide is provided as a downloadable Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file. This is a great reference tool for anyone starting a new kitplane project. The page also includes other information of interest to homebuilders.

IDEA - HCFS Computer Instrumentation
Data on standard protocols for GPS and autopilot interfacing.

Mass Flow
Information on using ducted fan powerplants in Homebuilt Aircraft. Currently reworking the Jet Hawk II ducted fan plans. Also publishes the book, "Ducted Fan Design Vol. 1."

MIT Fluid Dynamics Research Laboratory
Information on the Lab, Projects & Research, Seminars & Publications.

NACA Technical Report Server
Nearly every NACA (the predecessor to NASA) report and study is now available online. An invaluable resource for anyone designing an aircraft.

Platinum Avionics Antenna Page
Technical information on antenna installations in homebuilt aircraft. Much of this information is by Bob Archer, a former NASA Shuttle Antenna Engineer. A must see for any homebuilder.

UIUC Airfoil Data Site
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Department of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering.

Published Information

Flight Testing Resources
Exellent links to information and tips on flight testing your homebuilt aircraft.

NASA Scientific & Technical Information
Research Publishing and Printing Branch.

NASA Technical Reports Server
Search multiple NASA databases for technical reports and information.

Regulations & AIM
Complete on-line Federal Aviation Regulations and Airman Information Manual.


Aerotec Software
Design software provided by John L. Wolfe.

AFS is a fully configurable Aerodynamics and Flight Simulator running on PC in SVGA mode.

Conceptual Research Corporation
Offer a design textbook, classes on design, design software, actual conceptual design layout drawings, and lots of other stuff of interest to aircraft designers.

An aeronautical and aerospace engineering firm. We publish textbooks by Dr. Jan Roskam, offer accompanying software, and do consulting work.

DaVinci Technologies, Inc.
Makes state-of-the-art computer-based engineering analysis tools accessible to users without engineering backgrounds. Flagship product is AirplanePDQ, a conceptual / preliminary design tool for Windows 95, 98, NT, & 2000.

Desktop Aeronautics, Inc.
Desktop Aeronautics offers a variety of software products for use in aerodynamic design and analysis. Both Macintosh and Windows.

DreeseCode Software
SNACK: Super Numerical Airfoil Creation Kit software for the PC. 30 day free trial shareware.

EGADS Design Software
Easy General Aviation Design System, from the NASA Ames Research Center. Macintosh only.

Hanley Innovations
Specializing in scientific and engineering software development for Windows 95 & NT.

Homebuilt Performance Computer
A shareware Java based utility to help the homebuilder perform calculations to define a homebuilt project.

J2 Aircraft Design and Control Ltd.
Specialising in developing flight modelling software for use in assessing aircraft behaviour and performance.

Easy to use aircraft design software, DesignAire provides aircraft sizing, performance, structural loads in a easy to use, mouse driven format.

JC Propeller Design
A Microsoft Excel program that calculates a practical and accurate propeller for aircraft.

NASA COSMIC Software Distribution
Software designed for and by NASA. Subjects covered include artificial intelligence, computational fluid dynamics, finite element structural analysis, scientific visualization, thermal and fluid flow analysis, etc.

Roncz Design Software
John Roncz spreadsheets, published in the EAA's Sport Aviation.

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